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Design + function

We valorize the space by paying attention to detail. We make work in catering establishments easier by taking day-to-day business into account during product development.

Designed to draw attention

Our display refrigerators have been designed taking into consideration the multiple sizes and necessities for showcasing bottled beverages.

Our line of Drink Coolers offers a wide range of products meeting different market needs with special attention to both storing the products and showing them to the public

Drink Cooler line

Our Drink Coolers, both upright or countertop, are reliable and versatile. They have been designed to be customized with promotional messages on the body and on the advertising panel, while offering a refined finish, original shapes, and high-quality standards.

Do you want a customised model for your catalogue?

Do you want a customised model for your catalogue?

The minibar line

Our new Minibar line is now available in a variety of sizes and capacities, being able to hold bigger bottles of up to 1.5 litres. It operates silently and all units are equipped with a lock, keys and internal LED lights.

More than great products

Discover how we focus on creating value to our partners through our service

Partnership hand to hand

We focus on creating meaningful relationships with our partners, offering an integral service

Discover some of our flagship products inside the Drinks family

HP 80


BBC 208S


RC 300B

Drink Cabinets

DC 388C

Drink Cabinets

DC 350C

Drink Cabinets

DC 1050C

Drink Cabinets

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