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Instant cold

There are many times when cold is not just cold enough and your clients might need an intense, dry and rapid freezing of their products.

Our freezers do just that, in compliance with health regulations, while keeping an eye on the environment and focusing on energy consumption.

Freezer cabinets

We offer a wide variety of freezer cabinets. We can help you build a catalogue rich in colours, sizes and capacities. From single to triple door cabinets, we can provide freezers with or without illuminated canopy and with static or ventilated cooling.

These products can be used in various and diverse ways, always guaranteeing proper display and appreciation of the products inside.

Freezer countertop

We manufacture countertop freezers in multiple sizes and capacities: from 30 to 90 litres and with or without an illuminated canopy. These products can be perfectly placed on your clients’ counter, always ensuring a correct display of the products inside.

Chest freezers

With standard top

Ideal for ice cream storage, they are reliable and durable, yet convenient thanks to the wheels supplied. These products can reach temperatures of -25°C to ensure high reliability for freezing and storage of any food.

With sliding glass top

Due to the sliding glass lids, these products are ideal for ice cream storage. They are available in a wide range of capacities to suit any need.

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Chest freezer

Chest freezer

Chest freezer

Freezer cabinet

Freezer cabinet

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